Catching some Air

Most people have tried water skiing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding, tubing and even wake surfing. These are the most common water sports that people know about. For the most part they have similar fundamentals that allow users to easily go from one activity to the other with out much of a learning curve. Of course there are small differences but most people can over come those and adapt quickly to a new sport.

However, I have recently stumbled across a new water sport (well it came around in the 90’s but it is new to me) that honestly scares me a little. It is the air chair. Basically, you are strapped into a chair with a fin being pulled by the boat. Just like all the other water sports you can make crazy jumps and do some really awesome tricks. With the air chair you an catch some ridiculous air! I think that is the part that really terrifies me. I am locked into a chair that can throw me several feet in the air.

I have been finding as many videos as I can on youtube to try and build some confidence. I have decided the only way to do this is to take the bull by the horns. Jump on and hope for the best. So until lake season arrives I will be searching for the best air chair to help me with this next crazy adventure that I am excited to take on. As well as finding the best air chair I will be double checking on what all my insurance covers.

I’m sick of the cold, bring on the SUMMER!!!

Wakeboard Ready!

It is almost time! Only about 3 months left until lake season! I have been searching and scrounging all off season for the best deals on new life jackets, wake boards, bindings, anchors, and ropes. I have been pretty successful too! I have found some amazing deals and been able to restock the boat pretty successfully. My next step to get wakeboard ready is to strengthen my shoulders.

At the end of last season (luckily it really was the end), I had a bad wipe out. Wipeout isn’t even the word for it. It was more like an explosion on the water! I could have swore when I finally collected my wits that I had to have been missing some parts. Once I made it back aboard the boat, I came to the unfortunate realization that there might be something really wrong with my shoulder. I decided to hit up a chiropractor recommended to me by a friend. It was then that we found out I had a very small tear in my rotator cuff. We began stem therapy as well as cold laser therapy to help with the inflammation. After we got the inflammation under control, I was given a list of exercises and weight lifting moves that I could do to help strengthen the area again.

So far (during the off season), I have not had any more pain. But I talked to the doctor again and he said it would be a good idea to begin a heavier lifting and stretching regiment to make sure my shoulders will be in top shape come wake boarding season. I am bound and determined to be in the best shape ever starting this wakeboarding season. My goal this year is to make some big improvements on my tricks. I would love to master a Pete Rose or even a Tantrum to Blind.

I will have to hit y’all up again later in the summer to talk about the success of reaching my new goals. Until then I am working out and trying to keep calm until wakeboard season it here!

The Perfect Night on the Water

So we are gonna go a little sappy on you.  So I had this great ida to take my wife out on date on the water.  She loves good food and and a good time and she loves being out on the water. My thoughts were that you combine  the tow and bam perfect night right?

I know it does;t work for every girl but hey… I know  my wife would have a blast.

So logistically this began to be a nightmare.  So how do I unload the boat and get her there with out having to go through the normal hassle of loading and unlading the boat.  So I have a buddy that has a transportation company and suggested that I hire a driver.  Ok so there is solution number one. I book a sedan and white glove driver.  The limo company wore was awesome they hooked me up and said they would drop hey off at the dock at the marina with instructions to where I would be.

So problem number two I don’t want to kill the mood and have to load the boat back up. Solution number two.  I sdon’t normally moor the BU  over night but spoke to the marina owner and he rented me a lie overnight for 25 bucks. Problem solved.

So problem number three. Dates normally involve food and hopefully good food.  I don’t have a 100 grande boat with a flip up grill so needless to say the options are limited on the boat.  Solution number three….. Saturday night Ribeyes at the Marina again the marine owner saved the day.   I unload the BU went a picked up the food and waited about 10 minutes for the care with my amazing wife to arrive.

So long story short it turned out awesome sitting on the swim deck watching the sun sink after a nice meal with perfectly calm waters….. it doesn’t really get much better…  So all you naysayers don’t judge it until you try it. It was truly a blast.

evening in lake

Wake Surfing in Texas

Wake surfing has grown tremendously over the past few years.  There is seldom a day when I don’t see several boats out on the lake wake surfing.  While it does meet some resistance in some areas it is generally being more acceptable.  I started it as something we do when the water was a little rough to wakeboard.  The crew likes to spend more time surfing as compared to wake boarding skiing or anything else. Its a blast and normally don’t cause bodily unjust which is a plus right.

My wife can do it and loves it.  Which says that anybody can enjoy it.


Poles get so caught up on surfing these 100 grande boats but that is total bull You can surf a 10K used boat just as easy and most  of the time just as good. We used to surf our Malibu Skier and it worked pretty well   We still had a blast and in the end of the day that is all that matters.

In the boat world people seem to get so caught up on what the price tag of your boat is.  Don’t be a sheep and don’t get caught up in all that mess.  Spend what you can and go have a blast.  Its about getting out there and enjoying the odors with friends and family.  I seriously doubt that you are going to have that much more fun except when you pull up the ramp on a 100k boat.

Thats not what we are about….. this blog will be talking about enjoying the water on a budget. Spend you time and money enjoying the awesome water in Texas with out having to spend that kind of bank.  Its not smart to have take out a Mortgage on you.